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General Information

Name: "Eliza"
Age: Twenty three-ish, born October 19th ...probably
Job: Courier, Brotherhood of Steel Paladin, Follower of Apocalypse Member
Allegiance: NCR, Brotherhood of Steel, Followers of the Apocalypse
Karma: Good
Side Taken: NCR


Strength: 8+
Perception: 8+
Endurance: 6
Charisma: 9
Intelligence: 10
Agility: 4
Luck: 6

Skills: Level 50

Barter: 100
Energy Weapons:
Melee Weapons:

Cesar's Legions:
Merciful Thug
The Strip: Idolized
White Gloves:
Freeside and Outer Vegas:
Great Kahns:
Powder Gangers:
Merciful Thug
Brotherhood of Steel:
Followers of the Apocalypse:
Goodsprings: Idolized


-Adamantium Skeleton: Damage taken by limbs reduced by 50%.
-Animal Friend X2: Hostile animals become friendly. Come to your aid against enemies except against other animals.
-Black Widow: +10% damage to the opposite sex
-Broad Daylight: No Sneak penalty for using Pip-Boy light.
-Burden to Bear: Can carry an additional 50 pounds
-Cherchez La Femme:+10% damage to the same sex
-Educated: You gain two more skill points every time you advance in level.
-Explorer: All locations are marked on your map.
-Four Eyes: With glasses 1+ Perception, -1 without them
-Intense Training: x4
-Jury Rigging: Repair any item using a slightly similar one
-Long Haul: Being over-encumbered no longer prevents you from using fast travel.
-Mister Sandman: Can instantly kill a sleeping non-player character, and earn bonus XP.
-Robotics Expert: +25% damage to robots, can shut down robots by sneaking up on them.
-Strong Back: +50 Carry Weight.
-Swift Learner: Gain an additional 10% whenever experience points are earned.
-Terrifying Presence: Can intimidate foes through dialogue; closing dialogue results in the foe fleeing for 5 seconds.
-Them's Good Eatin': Any living creature you kill has a 50% chance to have the potent healing items thin red paste or blood sausage when looted.
-Thought You Died: +10 Health per 100 Karma; Karma reset to 0, +10% damage, immunity to critical hits.
-Voracious Reader: Damaged books become blank magazines; can copy existing magazines into blank magazines.

-Abominable: Deal +6% damage to abominations.
-Animal Control: Deal +6% damage to mutated animals.
-Beautiful Beatdown: AP costs for unarmed attacks are reduced by 10%.
-Big Brained: Head cannot be crippled, +10% resistance to chem addiction, +10% DT
-Bug Stomper (2): Deal +10% damage to mutated insects.
-Camel of the Mojave: Water items hydrate and heal you 15% better.
-Cardiac Arrest: -50% poison resistance, healing items boosted by 50%, robots have -25% crit chance.
-Coin Operator: Adds recipe. 1 fission battery + 2 scrap metal = 50 Sierra Madre chips
-Day Tripper: The effects of addictive Chems last 33% longer.
-DNAgent: All damage done to night stalkers is increased by 10%.
-DNAvenger: All the damage done to cazadores is increased by 20%
-Endurance Implant: +1 Endurance
-Free Radical: 10 additional rads removed upon each RadAway usage.
-Ghost Hunter: Ghost people are more likely to die outright without needing to be dismembered or disintegrated.
-Lord Death: Deal an extra +2% damage to all enemies.
-Machine Head: Deal +6% damage to robots.
-Reinforced Spine: Strength+2, Damage Threshold+2
-Sierra Madre Martini: Adds recipe to create Sierra Madre martinis with 2 junk food, 1 tin can, and 1 jar of Cloud residue.
-Strength Implant: +1 Strength

-Khan Trick: Temporarily stun opponents by throwing dust or dirt at their eyes
-Power Armour Training: Ability to wear all power armor variants.
-Ranger Takedown: Knock down opponents
-Scribe Counter: Quick counter-attack after block



Recruited All Companions

ED-E My Love: Brought ED-E to the Brotherhood of Steel. Defense bonus added.
Heartache by the Number: Investigated caravans and found evidence to give to authorities on the Van Graffs and Crimson Caravan.
I Could Make You Care: Helped Veronica find plant research in Vault 22. Encouraged her to stay with the Brotherhood. Talked down the Brotherhood group outside as well.
I Forgot to Remember to Forget: Brought Boone to Bitter Springs and after surviving the attack got him to make amends over Bitter Springs.
Lily and Leo:: Recommend that Lily begin taking the complete dosage
Nothin' But a Hound Dog: Replaced Rex's brain with a Legion dog named Lupa.
Old School Ghoul: Encouraged Raul to return to his guns.
One for My Baby: Found evidence against Jeannie May selling Boone's wife, and brought her to justice. 

Side Quests

Back in Your Own Backyard: Rescued NCR Rangers
Bitter Springs Infirmary Blues: Collected three doctors bags and bought medical books, turned down payment.
Boulder City Showdown: Got hostages out by peaceful negotiation.
Can You Find it in Your Heart?: Killed ants and opened the roads up.
Climb Ev'ry Mountain: Convinced Oscar to let go of his anger and move on, returning to the Great Khans.
Flags of Our Foul-Ups: Followed O'Hanrahan's advice.
I Don't Hurt Anymore: Convinced her that trauma is like a wound and that she should go talk to a doctor.
I Put a Spell on You: Defused the bomb.
Keep Your Eyes on the Prize: Told Ghost about Nipton.
Medical Mystery: Detected that it was Sexton, convinced him to turn himself in.
No, Not Much: Found supplies and got reinforcements for the camp.
Pressing Matters: Disabled the bottle press.
Restoring Hope: Helped around camp as needed. Reclaimed Nelson before starting quest.
That Lucky Old Sun: Sent power to the entire grid.
There Stands the Grass: Found Keely and purged the spores. Convinced Keely that the information was too valuable to just delete. Used it in Veronica's quest and then brought it back to Dr. Williams.
Three-Card Bounty: Killed all three Fiend Leaders, heads intact.
You Can Depend on Me: Bought out Cass's contract, convinced Henry Jamison to quit, stole Gunrunners plans.


Honest Hearts

-A Family Affair: Told Waking Cloud the truth about her family.
-Bighorners of the Eastern Virgin:
Located missing bighorner calf without killing any Bighorners
-Civilized Man's Burden:
Encouraged Follows Chalk to stay with his tribe
-Rite of Passage:
Killed Ghost of She
-The Advance Scouts:
Killed White-Legs and stole war totems.
-Crush the White Legs:
Encouraged Joshua to spare Salt-Upon-Wounds