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Courier 6 | "Eliza" ([personal profile] mojavewildcard) wrote2012-10-11 10:32 pm
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-Didn't remember her name when she first woke up, said she was Courier 6 when Doc asked.
-She picked a name after that. Eliza. Later she remembered her real name, but decided to keep it to herself.
-Her memory took a few days to come back. Some things are still fuzzy or not there.
-Grew up in the west, NCR territory
-Family were poor merchents
-Even as a kid she spent as much time away from home as possible
-Learnt things from the Followers of the Apocolypse nearby
-Made herself useful and they'd let her read and teach her things
-Reads all the pre-war books she can find
-Left home as soon as she was able to
-Has parental issues, parents both drank heavily, and didn't shy away from hitting their kids
-Has two older brothers, two younger sisters and one baby brother.
-Stole a lot when she was younger
-Learnt to shoot but preferred to talk her way out of trouble
-Tends to burn her hands when she uses explosives
-Can speak English, Spanish and some Latin

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